Vegetarian Wholefoods Catering







Charlotte's love for cooking started as a kid when she helped her mum in the
kitchen preparing meals for a large family. She followed that up with an
apprenticeship as a Chef.


Charlotte's passion for food and travelling, made her work in many 5 star hotels

and restaurant around the world. After a 20-year professional career as a Chef,

she discovered  Natural Therapies, part of her studies included macrobiotics,

nutrition and food as medicine.

Charlotte became a vegetarian around this time, never losing her love for
food and cooking.  Still needing to make a living she build up a vegetarian,
wholefoods catering business besides the Natural therapies she offers.


Charlotte provides vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic, wholefoods and organic catering for retreats, special events, functions and workshops at reasonable prices.

For more information contact Charlotte:

Phone:  0419 628 235